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Height Adjustable Desks: Improving Your Workplace

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Sitting at work all day can get very tiring, especially if you are uncomfortable at your desk or workstation. If this is the case, then you need to do something about it immediately, in order to ensure the wellness of your posture and spinal health. Coming home with back pains or feelings of discomfort is not something that you should be getting used to, and the sooner you fix this issue the better off you will be.

So what’s the solution to your problem? The answer is simple: height adjustable desks. At MBA Office Furniture, we have just introduced a new range of height adjustable desks that will ensure your comfort and put you at ease in the workplace. Gone are the days of twisting and adjusting your seating position every few hours to try and get comfortable. With these new manually adjustable desks, you can ensure that your workspace is set to your requirements, while your desk is at the exact working height to suit your needs.

Many people think that having a height adjustable chair is enough to ensure their comfort in the workplace. Contrary to popular belief, whilst ergonomic chairs are very important for spinal health and posture, a height adjustable desk is also necessary to put your mind and your body at ease. Our range of beautifully crafted, white desks is sure to suit the design of your office, whilst also providing you with the comfort that you need.

Manually adjusting the height of your desk allows you to ensure that your workspace is set up exactly how you want it. If different people are using the same desk on different days, you can always adjust it to adhere to their height requirements, ensuring everyone in your workplace is comfortable and safe from any injuries or desk related back pain. You may not notice it so much now, but once you start using your height adjustable desk in the workplace, the difference will be clear!

With a variety of height adjustable desks, including the 1200mm x 750mm, 1500mm x 750mm, 1800mm x 750mm and 1800mm x 1800mm x 750mm options, you will be spoilt for choice, and can be assured that you will find the right desk for your workplace. For more information on any of our height adjustable desks, feel free to browse through our fantastic range, or give us a call on 1300 688 065.

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