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5 important things to remember while choosing your Office Furniture

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Imagine, Walking into your workspace on a dull Monday morning and you’re greeted with cutting-edge furnishings with glistening table tops, advanced modular workstations with built-in amenities and height adjustable desk tops that allow you flexibility and mobility no matter where you are. Sounds like a perfect scenario to start your Monday morning with, doesn’t it?

Scientific studies have always linked your mental status with the environment that you habituate in, as the old sayings reaffirm how the aura of a particular room or place can affect your mood and energy. However, while mood building and zeal are absolutely necessary, incurring an outrageous budget in the quest for the perfect aura sounds unlikely. What’s the next best option? Hunt down Office furniture sellers in Melbourne who can help you with modern furnishings at an economically efficient budget.

Here’s how you can refurbish your office space with a touch of convenience and a sprinkle of modernism-

1. Chairs are the backbone of your office

Vergas High Mesh Back Office Chair with Arms and Headrest

Comfort needs to be optimum when it comes to office chairs. After all, these are the primary backbone that supports an employee throughout the day. Customized office compatible chairs require efficiency alongside comfort. You can choose from an assortment of mesh backchairs, waiting area or reception chairsexecutive chairs and more. You can also add a touch of personalization with an exclusive range of movement-basedchairs, back supports or 24/7 special purpose chairs.

2. Tailor fit desks are proven to increase work efficiency

The Envoy Executive Desk Standesk - the latest in Desktop Sit Stand products

Along with the chairs, the work desks need a makeover too. Often it’s more about mental appeal than comfort when it comes to a sleek modular worktops. A height adjustable desk or a sleek mobile drawer set can definitely increase mobility and flexibility on the floor. A shiny dark wood executive desk with a set of modern modular fittings can lighten up your workspace immediately.

3. Your reception arena makes or breaks your impression

The Aberdeen Reception Desk

Walking into a commercial space, the first thing that greets you is the reception area. Now, it’s completely up to you how you want an outsider to perceive your business endeavors. An urban chic reception desk with modern seating chairs surrounding a classic glass top low-dived coffee table does sound better than a drab entrance filled with incompetent furnishings. The reception desk sets the standard and creates the first impression for your clients and visitors. The reception seating sets your visitors at ease, and makes them feel welcome. Some extra greenery and pleasant surrounds finishes off the ambiance and reassures your visitors that your company is progressive, confident and globally aware.

4. Space management is key for a well-planned office decor

The Moll Storage System - perfect for storing bulk binders    Statewide Filing Cabinets - a colour for every office

If cramped corridors and swamped cubicles are not your cup of tea, then you must be considering space management as a major section of your office redecoration. We never run out of paperwork, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll run out of space. You can choose your best fit from a extensive range of storage solutions which include pigeon hole cabinets, buffets, lockers and shelves and even a portable Moll Storage System to cut down on storage clutter - the most efficient system for storing files and binders available.

5. Every miscellaneous bit screams a part of your personality


Office furniture refurbishments are never quite complete unless you pay attention to the details. By details, we are talking about all the accessories that put two and two together to make a difference. It can be anything from partitions to glass boards, mobile whiteboards, monitor arms, education furniture, book or file storage tubs and more.

A change from the everyday routine can be quite welcoming if you’re opting for the right measures. A refurbished office can bring a fresh new perspective to the monotonous work or you might just end up motivating your employees with a fresh new office furnishing.

At Office Furniture Deals, we take pride in delivering high quality office furniture that suits, fits, and enhances the ambiance of a workplace. With over 25 years of industry experience, our highly trained staff help you by providing effective personal advice and service to ensure you meet all your business needs and standards. If you would like to learn more about our range of comfortable workplace furniture, we are more than happy to discuss our range and what will work best for your office space.

Order office furniture online or visit our store in Melbourne. We are more than happy to discuss our range and what will work best for your office space. Call us today on 1300 688 065 or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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