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What Your Desk Situation Says About You

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If you have ever worked in an office or been in one for a prolonged period of time you start to notice things about not only your own desk, but the desks of your colleagues. It is this writer’s opinion that the state of a professional’s desk reflects a lot about the professional as an individual. If you keep your desk clean and organised, with a neat little stack of documents being held down by a couple of quirky ornaments given to you by friends or colleagues, you are probably a pretty neat and organised person, and are going to be horrified by the state of your colleague’s desk next to you, with its food stains and notepads lying in any given position on the desk.

It’s interesting when you start to notice these certain things and can pinpoint certain elements of a person’s character through the perpetual state of their desk.

Read on to find out what your desk says about you. 

Plants, mess, condiments – you might be lacking organisational fibre 

If you have a bunch of random crap occupying any given space on your desk: plants, drink bottles, old bottle of soy sauce, there is probably a good chance you’re not that organisationally inclined. You have no time to clean your desk, that’s the way you see it, and even if you did it would just end up getting dirty again the next day, so you’re pretty happy to let things run free and expand over time the way they are, and are confused when you see a colleague’s clean and neatly arranged workspace – who on earth lives like that? 

Clean and tidy? You’re the opposite 

Whilst that messy, unorganised person with the stack of notes on their desk that are long obsolete is wondering how people live and work like that, you’re wondering the exact same thing about them. Your desk consists of a neatly stacked or slotted piles of important notes and documents and maybe some cute knickknacks neatly arranged in the one position. You regularly wipe down your desk and keep everything tight and compact, ready for use.

You’re organised, and your desk reflects that fact. 

Nothing at all? You probably just want to leave 

There are some people who never take the time to put anything on their desk, and as soon as anything comes near it, it’s thrown straight n the nearest trash can. There’s a good chance this is because that person is always ready to get the new call up, the new gig, and don’t want to have to put heaps of unnecessary stuff on their desk if they are just going to have to pack it all up again the next week.

The completely bare desk is kind of depressing, I mean, even if you are planning on getting a new job as soon as you start your current one, having nothing on a desk just looks kind of, dull. But hey, no judgements here, as I write this I’m looking at all the random garbage on my desk and wondering why I kept it there in the first place.

If you’re one of these types of professionals, or even if you’re not, you can always benefit from more storage space and a few things to enhance your productivity in the office. Browse the range of awesome office essentials at Office Furniture Deals, we’re sure you’ll find something to help liven up your workspace, no matter what kind of professional you are.

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