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How To Eat Healthily In The Office

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If you haven’t already abandoned your New Year’s resolutions by now, you’re certainly in the minority. Many of us find our way back to work in January filled with motivation to keep up with our healthy new diet plans and workout regimes, only to be defeated by the constant appearance of biscuits and birthday cakes in the office. Don’t panic. It is possible to eat healthily despite your work environment, as long as you plan accordingly.

1.Eat a good breakfast. Many of us crack when it comes to office snack temptations because we’re tired, hungry, and working hard. Eating a nutritious and satisfying breakfast before we start the day can make all the difference when it comes to resisting those temptations. Make sure you get a good source of protein into your diet as well as whole grains so that you’re satisfied throughout the morning. If you don’t have time to eat a decent meal before you leave the house, blend up a nourishing smoothie and bring it with you to your desk to sit on while you work.

2.Have snacks on hand. Keeping your desk drawer well stocked with healthy snacks will leave you with no excuse to reach for the biscuit tin. Make your own trail mix at home with nuts and raisins and keep it in a Tupperware container in your desk, or have protein bars on hand to munch on when hunger strikes.

3.Bring your own lunch. The best of intentions can be broken by an invitation to the local fast food place at lunchtime, so be prepared. Leftovers from last night’s healthy dinner can be microwaved in the office for a quick and tasty lunch, or create your own new meals to make sure you’re getting a nutritious and balanced lunch right at your desk.

4.Take your lunch break. Some of the more conscientious office workers may be tempted to skip lunch in order to get more work done and appear more productive to their superiors. This is understandable, but can quickly lead to a major hunger knock later in the day that will send you running to the next sugar fix. Make sure you set time aside for eating well – the work will wait.

5.Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is a crucial part of good health, so keep a water bottle at your desk and re-fill throughout the day from the water cooler. This will keep you hydrated while you work, and help you avoid mistaking thirst for hunger. 

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