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The Pros And Cons Of An Open Office Space

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The open office floor plan has become increasingly popular in recent years. For many, it represents a new era in the workplace, with transparency at the forefront and exclusivity left in the past. Is this now-common layout design here to stay? We’ve had a look at the pros and cons of the open office space to help you decide whether it will be best for your business.

The Pros Of An Open Office Space:

  • It’s inexpensive. Cost is always going to be a primary consideration for business owners, so it’s no surprise that the budget-friendly open plan office space has become so attractive. This design strategy allows you to skip the trouble and expense of building walls or cubicle spaces, opting instead for inexpensive desk space and a larger area that can fit more employees into one room.
  • Office hierarchy is less obvious. Everyone works side by side in an open office, so there’s more of a blurred line between an executive and a junior employee. This can encourage those lower down the company line to feel more valued and help everyone feel integrated into one team, rather than separating employees by rank.
  • Easier interaction. It becomes far easier to exchange ideas, brainstorm, and form friendships when everyone is seated in one space. This naturally encourages a more creative and dynamic workplace, giving rise to interesting new ideas and developments.
  • A lighter space. Small offices and cubicles can limit the amount of natural light in an office space – a problem that’s easily solved by using an open office plan. Windows will certainly play an important role, but you’re more likely to have an airier and lighter space when using an open office plan.

The Cons Of An Open Office Space:

  • Diminished privacy. The most obvious downside of an open office is the decreased sense of privacy that employees have. It’s difficult to have a quiet conversation about an important project in an open office without several other employees listening in, and brainstorming sessions have to take place out in the open. This can certainly be a benefit as it leads to transparency, but sometimes this lack of privacy can become grating.
  • Frequent interruptions. Along with the lack of privacy, open offices can lead to a noisier and more rowdy workplace. Having more people in one room will naturally equate to more distraction, whether it be friendly conversation from your friend at the desk nearby or a colleague’s noisy typing. These distractions can cause a decrease in productivity. 

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