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How to Choose the Right Office Chair

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Essential features to consider

Your office chair is generally used between 4 & 8 hours per day. An important consideration when selecting an office chair to adequate comfort for prolonged periods of sitting to ensure proper comfort & posture support.

It is vital that you consider

  • Optimum adjustability
  • Quality lumbar support
  • Seat & back tilt
  • Height adjustability
  • Weight rating

Do I need a High Back Chair?

The height of your seat back is important, but the level of importance really depends on the work function of the user. Some people prefer a high back chair because they can change position & posture and lean back when reading. If you like to tilt back or lean back on your chair when you read, or on the phone, then a High Back Executive Chair is worth considering.

Is the height of the seat important?

For maximum comfort and correct posture, your chair height should be adjustable to allow you to sit with a 90 - 100 degree angle at the knees. Legs should be straight to the floor when seated, or slightly tilted if using a footrest. Most importantly, the height of the chair should be comfortable when working at a desk. You should not need to sit forward, or stretch to reach the floor.

Do you need a Chair with Arms?

Most clerical & typist chairs have the option of coming with or without arms. With arms fitted, they can provide additional support when getting up from the chair, or extra comfort when reading. They can however limit how close the chair can move under the desk. This can cause ergonomic problems for people who regularly use a computer, or type at the desk as it may lead to over stretching or leaning forward, giving rise to back problems. We would recommend, for those people regularly using a computer at the desk NOT to have arms on their chair.

Is fabric or leather-style better?

Most office chairs are fabric covered as they are more breathable than the leather-style chairs. Mesh back chairs offer the highest level of breathability and are excellent in warm environments. Leather or leather-style PU chairs are look very modern & stylish and are usually chosen for the prestige that is required at executive or management level. Leather or leather-style chairs can also be useful in areas which may have spills as they will be easier to clean. Most chair fabrics have a warranty of 2 years in normal office environments. This is separate to the published chair warranty, which covers all other parts of the chair.

Why are chairs weight rated?

The features of an office chair are based around the user being able to maximise these features in order to maximise the benefits. Office Chairs are only rated to specific weight limits & ratings so that the user can maximise those benefits. Most of our chairs have a weight rating. Using a chair under the appropriate weight rating can be dangerous and may also reduce comfort and posture. Please call our Customer Service Staff should you have any special requirements or queries.

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